Southwest National Parks Are Explored At Your Own Risk

hyThe National Parks system was created by Theodore Roosevelt during his presidency in order to assure that all Americans would have the ability to experience the beauty of the open spaces of the US without having them spoiled by commercial development, no matter if the area contains natural resources or not. To Roosevelt, the ability to see an America that is unspoiled was more important than the money that couple be made by corporations developing the areas. Some of the most beautiful and scenic areas on earth were protected by his policies, and generations of people were provided the opportunity to explore them as they wish to.

Millions of tourists visit our National Parks every year, and many do so by simply driving their car to the area and exploring once they make it to the boundaries of the park’s limits. What many do not understand is that resources are limited for these areas, and even though there is money which is budgeted each and every year the resources are stretched thin as funds need to be allocated toward upkeep, staff and many other projects. Many National Parks have almost no facilities, few bathrooms and areas that can provide shelter, food or water. What this means is that those who visit our National Parks must respect them for what they are, undeveloped areas where you are essentially on your own. If you get lost, need medical attention or run out of food and water there is a good chance that you will find almost no access to help. Additionally, many of these wide open spaces have almost no cell coverage or GPS connections. Every year people are lost and injured in our parks because they assumed that there was more access to facilities.

One of the wisest choices that can be made with regards to exploring our National Parks is to take part in a guided tour. There are many companies that specialize in providing tours of these areas that will not only allow you to explore the spaces the way you want to, but also provide you with the knowledge of the area that will keep you safe. An added benefit is an intimate knowledge of the parks and what to look for, as well as not having to drive yourself to the park. The benefits of guided tours allow you to enjoy areas like Bryce National Park, The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and Monument Valley in a way that you probably didn’t expect.